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Webware Radar: 12seconds launches the 'tweetable video commercial'

Also: TunesBag launches an Adobe AIR app, WatchMojo hits 50 million video views, and BuyDomains starts a domain referral program.

12seconds, a service that lets users tell others what they're up to in 12-second videos, announced Thursday that it has launched a new service called, 12omercial. The company hopes the service will become the "tweetable video commercial." Brand sponsors and companies will be asking users to create 12omercials on their behalf. Those who record the best video will receive "12 seconds of fame to goods and other prizes, as determined by the sponsor." All the videos can be added to Twitter, uploaded to Facebook, or embedded into a blog.

So far, 12seconds has signed on two sponsors--LG and Xobni. LG's sponsorship will go live with the launch of the site. The company is asking users to talk about the "things they do with their phones that they probably shouldn't be doing" to promote the company's new device, the Versa. The Xobni sponsorship will start next week.

TunesBag, a site that lets users upload music files and stream those over the Web, announced Thursday that it has launched an Adobe AIR application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The app allows users to buy tracks through Amazon and iTunes and share those songs with friends on social networks. Any songs on the user's computer can also be added to the library and played either on the desktop or through the company's online app. The TunesBag desktop app is free to download.

WatchMojo, a site that provides professionally-produced instructional videos, announced Thursday that it has hosted more than 50 million video views since its launch. According to the company, its growth has doubled in the past few months and its production costs have remained relatively stable. It expects that dynamic to continue going forward.

Business domain marketplace BuyDomains launched the company's first domain name referral program Thursday. Dubbed the BuyDomains Referral Program, the service will allow users to earn money by selling domains from the NameMedia domain portfolio, as well as sites owned by individual domain investors. Those who sign up for the program will download a configurable widget that provides consumers with access to the company's inventory of domain names. The program is live now.