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Webware is moving!

We're finally taking advantage of being in the CNET family.

Coming soon: Webware joins the CNET family.

Starting Monday, CNET's Webware blog began its integration into CNET I'm thrilled we're making this move. We started this site in November 2006 to cover Web 2.0 product news for a new and growing audience, but during the past 20 months, Web 2.0 news has become a main part of the CNET editorial product. So it's time to tear down the wall between the two sites and bring them together into one experience.

The Webware editorial mission won't change. You'll still be able to get to the home page by going to We'll still cover Web 2.0 news and reviews. In fact, Webware readers will get even more Web 2.0 content, since all the considerable reporting resources that now cover Web topics will run their stories on the Webware page.

The original Webware team will continue to produce features like our Newbie's Guides and the Webware 100 Awards, as well as news and reviews items.

Only a small percentage of randomly chosen visitors will see this change at first. We should be fully integrated into CNET for everybody by late August.

Later this year, Webware will expand again within the CNET universe, but I can't tell you more about that just yet. Stay tuned.

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