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Webware 100 winner: ShareFile

ShareFile is a file-sharing service that lets you send your files to people with safety and security in mind.

      ShareFile is a service for business customers or anyone who wants to transfer small to large files instead of using e-mail and without having to resort to a more difficult solution like FTP or P2P software. While it's aimed mostly at business users, there's also a consumer version that lets people swap files up to 5GB in size. The business memberships throw in additional employee accounts as well as file encryption and larger file sizes all the way up to 150GB.

      What makes ShareFile neat is that it's not simply a place to dump your files and get a URL. There's a powerful interface that makes it easy to sort through your files and set up complex rules on sharing, privacy protection, and distribution to your employees.

      Winner: ShareFile (
      Category: Utility