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Webware 100 winner: Mint

Mint lets you manage your money online by tying into several banking services at once.

      Mint is a free online financial management service, designed to compete with local money management software and competing online finance services. It will interface directly with your bank and credit card companies (there are more than 3,500 institutions on the system) to keep your accounts up to date. That makes Mint not only a budgeting tool, but also a way to keep track of accounts without going to a bunch of different sites.

      You can also configure the product to send you e-mail or mobile alerts when certain conditions are met, such as accounts dropping to certain levels, bills coming due, or when large purchases are made on credit cards you're tracking.

      Mint makes money for itself, and for you, by looking at your spending habits and your accounts and recommending offers that will save you money. Got a high-interest credit card? Spending too much on DSL? Mint's advertising network will match offers from its partners to your particular situation. Mint's consumer pitch is that it will save you thousands of dollars a year if you listen to its paid advice.

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      Category: Productivity