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Webware 100 winner: Live365

Live365 is a directory of Internet radio stations.

      Live365 is an online radio directory with thousands of stations of free, streaming music. In addition to its free offerings, Live365 offers a premium VIP service that charges anywhere from $5 to $8 a month for commercial-free streams that have a higher bitrate.

      You've probably listened to a Live365 stream before and not even known it. Its streams are used on software programs such as Windows Media Player and Winamp, as well as on hardware like TiVo. Mobile phone users can also install the Live3650 application that will stream music over their cellular data network if they're away from a PC.

      We like this service because it's an incredibly easy way to listen to and discover new music. The mobile integration is especially cool because it will let you bookmark tracks you like so you can download or look them up when you get back to your machine.

      Winner: Live365 (
      Category: Audio