Webware 100 winner: iLike

iLike is a music discovery service and a social network.

      iLike is a music recommendation service that gives you 30-second clips of music tracks as well as links to buy them. It uses Google's Video search to pull up related videos of whatever song you're listening to, in case you want to listen to the whole song. While you could achieve similar search results just by using Google, it's an easier way listen and explore.

      The service may be best known for its skyrocketing growth as a part of Facebook's apps platform launch. In just two weeks, the service garnered over 2 million users and now maintains more than 3 percent of the activity on the site and a whopping 370,000-plus daily users.

      One of our favorite features is that you can download a small application that links to iTunes and monitors your music listening and collection. It will take this information and compare it to your friends, giving both of you recommendations based on tastes. That information can be used to help match you with others people, or to connect artists to their biggest fans.

      Winner: iLike (iLike.com)
      Category: Audio

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