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Webware 100 winner: Google Reader

Google Reader is a free Web-based RSS reader.

      Google Reader is a Web-based RSS feed reader. Users can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as they want, then browse them in a lean and simplistic two-pane story browser that feels a little bit like Gmail. RSS feeds give users a visually simplified version of Web content. In addition to photos and text, Google Reader will also display embedded video clips from several popular services.

      In addition to reading stories yourself, you can share them with others. Google Reader gives users the option to create sharable feeds of subscribed stories, including the ones they mark as being interesting. In 2007, Google expanded the sharing feature by integrating your list of shared stories with buddies on Google's IM network Google Talk.

      Google Reader works on any browser; there are also versions for mobile phones, the iPhone, and the Nintendo Wii.

      Winner: Google Reader (
      Category: Browsing