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Webware 100 voting: Polls now open

The polls are open in the Webware 100 Awards. Go vote!

We have just enabled voting on our new awards program, the Webware 100. This is where you can select your favorite Web products from 250 finalists -- 25 each in these ten categories:

Where did these 250 finalists come from? On April 15, we asked for nominations for the Webware 100, and we received over 5,000. We whittled that list down to 2,000 de-duplicated and qualifying entries, and from there, selected 250 as finalists. And now we're handing the awards back to the community. Picking the winning 100 products -- 10 in each category -- is up to you.

You can only vote once per category, so choose wisely. Voting closes at 9:00 AM Pacific time on June 11, and we'll announce the winners on June 18.

Now, go vote!

(If you want to support the finalists beyond just voting, go to the resources page to grab "vote for me" graphics and links.)