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Webware 100 nominations closing in 3... 2... 1...

Nominate your favorite sites for the Webware 100 now, before it's too late!

Nominations for the Webware 100 (about), our user-generated awards program, will close tonight at midnight Pacific time. If you have a favorite Web 2.0 site or service, now is the time to get your nominations recorded.

Once nominations are closed, Webware editors will narrow the field to 250 services (25 in each of the ten categories), and then on May 18 we'll open the awards program up to user voting.

A few housekeeping details for these last few hours of nominations:

    • Where the nomination form asks for "The pitch," it also asks that the entries contain only two sentences: What the service does, and why it deserves to win. So far, we have over 4,200 nominations to read through, so please be kind to the Webware team, and follow that guideline.

    • Each service need only be nominated once. As soon as nominations close, in fact, I'm going to de-dupe the database. It's when we go in to voting that you want to get your friends and followers to pile on. But not just yet.

Nominate here. Good luck to everyone!