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Webware 100 Editors' Choice: Farecast (Best Exit)

Webware 100 Editors' Choice: Farecast

Site: Farecast
Category: Editors' Choice, Best Exit

The founders of airline price forecasting site Farecast cashed out during a brief resurgence of the airline industry after the September 11 downturn and before the double whammy of the 2008 oil crises and the financial sector collapse.

We liked the service from the start. It did something no other travel site did: it predicted the airfare between two points on any upcoming date, and it would advise you when the best time to buy your tickets was--if you should buy now or wait a bit. Farecast officially launched to the public in May of 2007 with fare predictions for the United States only. Since launch it added international destinations, hotel price predictions, and price protection insurance.

The site is still running on Microsoft's network or "live" Web sites.

Buy now to fly later, or wait? Screenshot by CNET