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WebServer 2.0 debuts

WebServer Release 2.0 includes new interoperability software for linking client-server and legacy applications to the Web.

Oracle announced that today it is shipping WebServer Release 2.0, the first version of the software to include interoperability for linking client-server and legacy applications to the Web.

WebServer 2.0 includes the first release of Oracle's (ORCL) Web Request Broker, a middleware tool that bypasses the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) database access used by most Web servers, to speed access to back-end data sources. Developers can write applications that run on the server using Java, C++, or Oracle's PL/SQL languages. The server, priced at $2,495, runs on Windows NT and Unix systems.

Release 2.0 can link to most popular database servers. Later this month, Oracle will release WebServer 2.1 on Sun's Solaris operating system, with built-in links via Web Request Broker to Netscape Communications' Web servers. An NT version will ship this fall. Web Server Release 3.0, due early next year, will include links to Microsoft's Internet Information Server.