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Webcam or sea monster?

Lots of interesting features, but it still gives us the creeps

No offense to Lindy, but we got the creeps when we initially saw this picture of the U.K. company's new "USB MiniCam Pro" Webcam. At first we couldn't figure out why, but then it occurred to us: It looks like a baby version of one of those "Sentinels" from The Matrix. Or maybe a cyclops squid. Either way, creepy.

But onto the specifics. The "high-sensitivity" Webcam has a flexible neck design and an unusual set of LEDs for dark settings (both of which add its odd look), according to Absolute Gadget, as well a built-in microphone. For all we know it could be a useful product that works just fine, but it would still be unsettling to have one of these staring down at us all day.