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Webcam images go mobile on Sprint

The wireless carrier teams up with EarthCam to stream video from personal and public Webcams to camera phones.

Sprint is hooking up with live Webcam service EarthCam to let subscribers view streamed videos on their camera phones.

The wireless carrier announced Monday that owners of certain Sprint PCS Vision handsets loaded with EarthCam's Java-based software, EarthCam Mobile, will be able to view live images from their PCs' Webcams using the new service. They will also be able to watch videos from Webcams around the world and find local traffic and weather Webcams by simply typing in a ZIP code.

Consumers could use the service to "check for upcoming road construction or view the beach at their next vacation spot," Jeff Hallock, Sprint's vice president of consumer marketing, said in a statement.

The EarthCam Mobile service is available for $4.95 a month and can be accessed through the "Downloads" menu on Sprint camera phones.

Both Sprint and EarthCam anticipate a greater future ahead for camera phones. Camera phones already constitute more than a quarter of mobile phones shipped worldwide, market researchers have said. Overall, cell phones makers are expected to ship a record 625 million units this year.