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Webby Awards nominees announced

The Webby Awards--known to its publicist as the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences--announced nominees in more than 60 categories for its .

Nominees include Boing Boing and Yahoo's Flickr site in the Blog category, Skype in Telecommunications, 43 Things in Social Networking, Burger KingÂ’s Subservient Chicken in Humor and Weird, Alexander McQueen in Fashion, the New York Times on the Web in Newspaper, and in Personal Site. Google, Yahoo, AOL, publisher CNET, PBS, the BBC, Pfizer, SK Telecom, Turner Movie Classics and others got nominations in multiple categories.

Through April 29, the awards show is soliciting votes in its People's Voice Awards.

The Webby Awards unveiled a new designation, "Webby Worthy," which the awards group said applied to less than 20 percent of more than 4,000 entries received this year.