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Web tool supports IE, Navigator

Macromedia this week began distributing DreamWeaver, the first dynamic HTML Web authoring tool that supports both leading browsers.

Macromedia this week began distributing the first dynamic HTML Web authoring tool that supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Dynamic HTML offers Web designers the ability to create "layered" interactive and animated pages by allowing multimedia content to be authored directly in HTML.

DreamWeaver, according to Macromedia, is the first Web authoring tool that is coded to support both browsers' versions of dynamic HTML. It accomplishes this with what Macromedia calls "cross-browser" code, or code that recognizes which browser is being used while the page is loading and tailors the code appropriately.

The authoring tool from DreamWeaver will have to be updated when the World Wide Web Consortium announces the standard for dynamic HTML, which is expected to happen within a few months.

Kevin Lynch, vice president of Internet authoring tools for Macromedia, said the company released the tool now, instead of waiting for the standard to be issued, because DreamWeaver offers many other features that have nothing to do with dynamic HTML.

"This is a professional Web authoring tool for today's browsers," Lynch said. "We're also trying to let authors to take advantage of the 4.0 browsers."

DreamWeaver will carry a $299 introductory rate until February 28; after that, it will cost $499.