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Tech Industry

Web services security outfits merge

Web services security company Digital Evolution acquires Flamenco Networks for an undisclosed amount.

In a sign of continuing consolidation among Web services software providers, security company Digital Evolution on Monday acquired Flamenco Networks for an undisclosed amount. Venture-backed Digital Evolution said the Flamenco Networks' Web services security software will fill out its own security-related product portfolio. The company's flagship product is called Digital Evolution Service Manager which helps administrators set up security policies and monitor the performance of Web services applications.

Atlanta-based Flamenco also developed tools for establishing access privileges and authenticating network access, particularly in business-to-business scenarios, Digital Evolution will incorporate Flamenco's products into its own product suite, including Flamenco's hosted Web services security service. Digital Evolution and Flamenco Networks are among dozens of smaller software companies that have built products focused specifically on managing and securing applications built around Web services protocols.