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Web service tells you what stresses you out

Hopefully it's not telling the service that you're stressed.

Me-trics is a lifestyle service that correlates your stress level with the other things going on in and around your life. You report on your stress, and also feed it your content feeds, and it tells what you're doing that is causing you stress. Or what you do that reduces it.

There's an easy interface for mobiles that lets you tell the service how you're feeling. On the input site, you feed Me-trics your financial data form Mint, your Twitter feed, and so on, and it will make the connections. Then if you notice that Twittering makes you stressed you, well, you just cut back.



It could be more than cute, if the service would observe your stress other than requiring you to enter it manually. As the presenter said, the implants to feed into that database are not with us yet.