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Web apps start hitting the Wii

Stream iTunes to your Wii with Dot.Tunes


Now that Nintendo's coveted Wii is equipped with an Opera browser, the gaming console is now capable of all kinds of Web-based fun! One of the cool gimmicks that I'm pretty pumped about is the fact that you can now control iTunes with your Wii remote. It's possible thanks to the Dot.Tunes application, which can stream music from your iTunes library to any number of devices: other computers, Web-enabled cell phones, and PSPs. On the Wii, you can use the Opera browser to access Dot.Tunes, which has a Flash interface that you can navigate with the Wiimote.

Keep in mind, however, that Dot.Tunes is not freeware: it'll cost you $30 once your 15-day free trial expires. But I'm anticipating that we'll be seeing more tie-ins between popular webware and the Wii browser within due time. And, optimally, a few of them won't cost you an extra cent.

Dot.Tunes on the Wii Listening Post

Note that I didn't implement the corny term "Wiitunes" a single time in this post. One, it's a bad pun. Two, Wired's Listening Post blog got there first.