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Web 2.0 watch: Paper letters for the e-mail set

Web 2.0 watch: Paper letters for the e-mail set

"Write your grandmother a letter!" you tell your child.

"On paper? With a pen? In an envelope? With a STAMP?"


Then you watch the kid whine and moan. And you let it happen. It builds character.

Or maybe you're a softie. You realize that Gramma doesn't do e-mail (a lot of grandmas do, but maybe they don't in your family) and that the new generation does nothing but. So to bridge the generation gap, you point your little rat at, which is a simple word processor that takes your text and an address and makes a nice printed letter that it sends to the recipient through the actual mail, in a real envelope. No pen required on your end, no paper, no envelope, and no stamp.

But it does cost $2.00. "Can I get my allowance now?"

(Found on e-Hub)