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Web 2.0 Expo: The walkthrough's Kara Tsuboi tours the show floor and finds that people have very different definitions of what "Web 2.0" even means.

Here's what's on the Web 2.0 Expo show floor: a lot of platform companies and developers' tools. These are the arms merchants to the entrepreneurs building the cool Web 2.0 apps we like to cover on Webware. But they're not the apps themselves. There's no Zillow, no 37Signals, no Facebook. Actually, given the preponderance of platform companies here, I rather expected to see Facebook and MySpace pushing their social platforms. No such luck, though.

Camera crew in tow, CNET reporter Kara Tsuboi took a spin around the showroom floor and talked to several of the people behind the companies that were here. The best bit: Near the end, she asks people what "Web 2.0" means to them. None of the answers given are the same. They're not even close. Web 2.0: it's what you want it to be.