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Weather station preserves your eyesight

With help of sensors, display adjusts to your distance from the device.

Oregon Scientific

Maybe it's got something to do with global warming, but personal weather stations seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. So even though some may look better than others, it's difficult to get too excited over yet another model from Oregon Scientific, one of the more prolific makers of the devices.

Yet "Weather In Motion" really is noteworthy, though not necessarily for its meteorological qualities. What got our attention is its infrared motion-sensing technology, which Technabob says automatically adjusts the size of its numeric display depending on your distance from it--something that will be welcome news to anyone who's had the rude awakening of bifocals in middle age. From far away, the LCD shows only the basic time and temperatures; when closer, it gives more detailed information.

Forget about the weather. We want this feature on our computers too.