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Weather forecaster shows her geek side with Batman and Superman puns

This weather announcer is so excited for the new "Batman v Superman" film that she decides to sprinkle her forecast with as many DC Comics references as possible. Can you catch them all?

Though many critics seem to have mixed feelings over the performances in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which opened in theaters this week, one thing is clear: DC Comics fans can't help but show off their love for the battling superheroes.

In this case, UK-based weather announcer Sian Welby has given fellow fans the kind of superhero-saturated forecast that would impress even the Joker, in this video from Channel 5 News.

On March 25, Welby started her Easter forecast by saying that you might need "X-ray vision to see through some of the fog in some parts this morning."

Welby really impresses us with her DC Comics puns as she refers to not only Superman and Batman, but also Lex Luthor, Harvey Dent, Harley Quinn, Bane and Killer Frost.

"There's even a touch of Frost in the small villages," Welby says. "So it's Harley Quinn-cidence that temperatures will be lowest in the north and the west."

"But Lex have a look at how things progress this afternoon," Welby adds. "Now sun will struggle to Dent the cloud in the north Adam West."

Or favorite pun? When Welby says, "Things have Gotham bad to worse."

There are 20 comic book references in the 60-second video. Can you name them all?