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Wearable tech takes CES 2013 by storm

Watches get smart at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, with devices like the Pebble Watch, Basis Band and Martian Passport Watch.

Thursday's CNET Update from CES 2013:

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As the 2013 International CES begins to wind down, here's a look at the rise of wearable tech on display at the show:

- The Pebble Watch raised $10 million on Kickstarter for its smart watch. The Pebble syncs to Android phones and iPhones, and will display incoming messages and caller information. Users can also program it to send custom alerts. The e-ink style LCD display makes it easy to see in bright sunlight, and you can change up the way you want the time to display, such as having it written out in words, in numbers or even in binary. It costs $150 and will being shipping out to its first Kickstarter supporters on January 23.

- The $200 Basis Band is part pedometer, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. The sensors even track your skin temperature and perspiration levels, all with the mission of charting your overall health. This health wristband also records the data back to an app.

- The Martian Passport Watch also syncs with iPhones and Android phones to display text messages and other alerts. And to the glee of Dick Tracy fans, it can actually answer calls using the built-in speakerphone. Costing $300, it's expected to go on sale by early March.

- Fitbit unveiled a wristband health tracker to take on the Jawbone Up and Nike Fuelband. The $100 Flex can't tell time, but this activity tracker is designed to be worn all day and monitor movement, sleep and calories burned.

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