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Wear Repair: Anti-aging undies cover you with copper

America's obsession with youth gets another boost with the introduction of Wear Repair shapewear and its claim to copper-powered anti-aging effects.

Wear Repair shapewear
Perhaps this coppery clothing can double as plumbing repair material in a pinch. CASS

The quest for the Fountain of Youth has never really gone away. On the more extreme end, we recently heard about FaceTime face-lifts. Those make CASS' Wear Repair line of anti-aging clothing sound somewhat reasonable.

Here's the premise. Wear Repair uses copper-infused fabric that claims to improve skin elasticity, reduce age spots, and give your skin a healthy glow. It is made from Cupron fabric that is 66 percent copper.

There are mentions on the CASS Web site of clinical trials of copper-enhanced fabrics. A little digging brought up a bibliography of studies on the biocidal effects of Cupron technology over at the Cupron site.

Does this translate to anti-aging benefits from copper clothing? I really don't know, especially considering how my rigorous anti-aging beauty regimen consists of doing absolutely nothing. Because of that very same attitude, I'm pretty skeptical.

For those who are willing to give Wear Repair a try, the clothing line will be available in July. A scoop-sleeve shirt will cost you $96, while the capri costs $86 and the shorts run $36. You'll want to invest in a good hand mirror to determine if the Wear Repair is really smoothing your butt wrinkles and reducing age spots.

The Wear Repair scoop-sleeve shirt also gets props for "smoothing extra back bulge," according to the description. Plus, it's supposed to make your extra back bulge look younger!

If Wear Repair really wants to get serious, then CASS needs to offer a full body suit for an all-over healthy glow. But then again, you would probably end up looking like the Greendale Human Being. Maybe that's not such a good idea.

(Via Gizmodiva)