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Wear an iPod on your head

iSoundCap has new head pieces to conceal, match second-gen Nanos while jogging.

If wearing an iPod on your arm is too cumbersome, why not wear it on your head?

iSoundCap, maker of caps, visors and bandanas that fit iPod Nanos or Shuffles, announced that its latest line of running hats for the second-generation iPod Nano is now available.


The caps are fashioned from a lightweight mesh fabric, which wraps the iPod in neoprene to protect from all the sweat dripping off your head. The earbud wires are tucked up into the back of the hat and out of the way.

If a coordinated workout look is your thing, then you have reason to be excited. The hats now come in hues complementary to the latest Apple Computer music players, which now come dressed in pink, silver, green, black, blue and red. (Even if you abhor physical activity, I hear owning a workout ensemble at least makes you feel thinner.)