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Wear a whole year of tweets around your neck

Twitter becomes a high-fashion accessory with artist's Data Necklace, a year's worth of tweets laser-etched into a unique piece of jewelry.

Data Necklace
Immortalize your tweeting love for #winning. Stef Lewandowski

Designer, software developer, and hacker Stef Lewandowski has pulled tweets out of the digital ether and formed them into wearable works of art. His Data Necklace is a combination of your Twitter account, a year-in-review archive, and a data visualization of your tweeting activities.

Here's the breakdown. Each bead is cut from acrylic. The 12 pairs of beads each represent one month of data. One bead represents the number of tweets by its length and a series of notches cut into the sides. The second bead carries a laser-etched tweet from that time period containing a particular keyword such as "love."

"Almost like a series of tiny lockets, they can serve as a reminder to the wearer of how awesome the last year has been," Lewandowski writes.

A personalized limited-edition Data Necklace is available for order for about $520. You choose the Twitter handle and which word you want highlighted from its Twitter history. "Love" or "Mars" would work, or you could go for "Mohawk Guy" or "Gangnam." At that price, you'll want to choose your favorite Twitter word carefully.

Necklace beads
The beads are cut from acrylic. Stef Lewandowski

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