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Wear a Wampa skin: 'Star Wars' outfits for the ladies

"Star Wars" fashion goes girly with a collection of duds designed from fake fur and vintage bed sheets.

Wampa dress
Try wearing this to work for casual Friday. Nerd Alert Designs
Ewok dress
Get your Ewok on. (Click to enlarge.) Nerd Alert Designs

Some people watch the Wampa cave scene from "Star Wars" and think, "Look out! Wampa attack!" Others watch it and think, "I could make a dress out of that!"

Nerd Alert Designs falls into the latter camp. The geeky Etsy store is full of custom dresses with "Star Wars" themes.

One of the most impressive of the lot is the $130 Wampa dress crafted of fake white fur with a bomber-style horned hat and clawed boot covers. A little touch of blood on the chest really makes it pop.

If you're more into the cuddly side of "Star Wars," then a $150 fake fur Ewok dress should do the trick. Your purchase comes with all the accessories you need for either an Ewok or a Chewbacca look. This should answer the pressing question of what it would look like if Chewbacca wore a knee-length fur skirt.

Even the guys can get involved with a $35 skinned Wampa scarf. This is what would have happened if Luke Skywalker had stayed around to finish the job, skinned the Wampa, and enrolled in a fashion design course.

There are some subtler designs available if you're looking for clothes you can wear every day, and not just at Comic-Con. There's a $50 poodle skirt featuring an AT-AT instead of a canine, a feminine $90 Han Solo outfit, and a flirty little $90 number made from vintage "Star Wars" bed sheets. May the fashion be with you, my friend.

Bed sheet "Star Wars" dress
Vintage bed sheets get recycled into geek fashion. Nerd Alert Designs

(Via Fashionably Geek)