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Wear a baby 'Game of Thrones' dragon on your shoulder

Foes will think twice about messing with you when you show up with baby Drogon as your bodyguard.

Shoulder Drogon

It's not big enough to eat sheep yet.

Trick or Treat Studios

Think back to the time you first saw Daenerys Targaryen emerge from the ashes of a massive fire with three adorable baby dragons clinging to her in "Game of Thrones." You wanted your own little dragon, but their fictional status foiled your desires. The closest you can get is a shoulder-mounted Drogon replica from Trick or Treat Studios. If you've been following the story, you know Drogon grows up to be the biggest and baddest of the trio.

The wearable Drogon prop comes with two straps that go under your arm to keep the little tyke secured to your shoulder. The cute wee dragon is officially licensed by HBO and will remind you of the series' earlier seasons, back before Drogon got huge, unruly and rude enough to roast people.

The sculpting job looks pretty accurate, right down to the scales, orange eyes and dainty wing-fingers. It's more likely to elicit "aws" than make people scream in fear. You'll just need a long white-blond wig, a tough attitude and the ability to walk through fire to complete the look. The shoulder dragon costs $50 (about £35, AU$70) for preorder and is expected to ship in time for Halloween.