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We won't judge you for wanting to talk to these toys

The coolest toys coming out this year are packed with sensors to feel your touch and understand voice commands.

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Barbie is listening for your questions. BB-8 will roll to you when called. And Tyler the Furreal tiger is responding to your roars.

Voice recognition software is just one way this year's toys are becoming more lifelike. At the New York Toy Fair, we got a peek at the new ways technology is invading playtime. There are a number of interactive robot animals and dolls, such as Luvabella from Spin Master, shown in the video above. This doll has realistic expressions while she talks, and she can sense different touches and knows which accessory of hers is nearby.

But you don't need many moving parts to create toy magic. Wicked Cool Toys brought new life into the iconic Teddy Ruxpin talking story-time bear by giving him emoji-like animated eyes on LCD screens. And when he arrives this holiday season, he'll sound the same he did as when he first arrived more than 30 years ago. (Just now without the cassette tapes.)

Action figures are also getting new smarts with the Lightseekers mobile game. At first glance it may seem similar to Skylanders, but it goes way beyond collecting figurines for a game. The action figures, with collectable accessories, become your game controller. Check it out in action in the video below:

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