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We want an Amazon Dash Button that orders a fresh pizza (Tomorrow Daily 155)

On today's show, Khail and Ashley take a look at Festo's new robot insects, discuss how they'd use Amazon's new Dash buttons and show you ARC, a pen that aims to help Parkinson's patients with handwriting difficulties.

We survived April Fools' Day, which means we're back for our last show of the week. Today, our biggest point of discussion revolves around Amazon's Dash Buttons, which turned out to be 100 percent legit, and if we'd bother using them. While we do think they could be handy for things like office coffee machines and baby diapers, we're not so sure about some of the other products. Maybe some customizable buttons you can program to reorder the products you like the most, instead of preordained agreements with specific companies?

We're also checking out Festo's newest robots, which look like ants and butterflies, but have common purposes, and a pen that helps people suffering from Parkinson's once again take charge of their handwriting abilities. Pretty cool stuff. Have a great weekend; we'll see you on Monday!

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155: We want an Amazon Dash Button that orders a fresh pizza

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