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We put ’Elon’s Musk’ to the smell test

This isn’t the reaction we expected.


Elon's Musk air freshener is compatible with all Tesla vehicles.

The Elon's Musk Company

Do people think Elon Musk smells like an old lady? 

It's a question now on our minds after taking a whiff of the "Elon's Musk" car air freshener, a scent created and sold by fans of the Tesla and SpaceX founder. 

The folks at The Elon's Musk Company — not associated with the actual Elon Musk — crafted the aroma based on what they believe the billionaire tech mogul smells like, yet admit they have never actually, er, smelled the man. 

So naturally we needed to give it a sniff for ourselves. In a blind smell test, we put it up against other classic car air freshener fragrances — royal pine and new car smell -- to get unbiased reactions to the Musk scent. Watch the video below to see how it went, and if you think it's a odor worthy of dangling from the mirror of a Model X.

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The creators are based in Australia, and describe the fragrance as having "high notes of Tesla leather, and low notes of rocket fuel," according to the website. 

Designed as a cartoon illustration of the entrepreneur's smiling face, each scented head is going for $7.90 a piece, which roughly is AU$11 in Australia or just under £6 in the UK. 

The fresheners were first announced back in October, and began shipping in November.