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We play 'Spot the iPhone user' with MKBHD

YouTube celeb Marques Brownlee tests his powers of deduction in a game where he had to figure out who uses a phone made by Apple and who does not.

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Can you look at someone and tell whether they prefer the iPhone or an Android phone? We decided to put YouTube star Marques Brownlee to this test during a recent visit to CNET's New York studio.

Here's the setup. In multiple rounds, two people walk up to Brownlee. The goal? To figure out which person is an iPhone user and which is the Android user. To be fair to Marques, each pair was comprised of one iPhone user and one Android owner -- so no trick questions.

And in order for it to not be all about looks, we also let him ask questions to our guests in order to get more clues. But he couldn't just ask anything, he could only ask questions picked at random from a hat -- because why not?! 

Watch the video and find out how you stack up against Marques' impressive score.