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We make our tea with a yellow submarine

A sub-shaped tea infuser that submerges your tea leaves for a deeply satisfying drink.

You sank my... submarine. Monkey Business Design

If you're a true tea aficionado, you know that bags are just not the way to go. Nothing beats the quality of loose tea leaves--but you need something to hold them while they steep. You could go with a traditional stainless steel tea infuser. But why would you do that when you could instead use a yellow submarine?

Designed by Ototo, the TeaSub is made of silicone and dishwasher safe. It submerges your tea leaves to the very depths of your cup, and it looks totally fab doing it. Someone should tell these guys to make a Lost version--you know, a broken plane jutting out of your cup....

Preorder from the UK now, or e-mail the designers and tell them to ship it (ha!) stateside.