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We love you, Bender: Girt by CNET podcast 102

We've got two interviews for you on this week's podcast. First up is Autodesk technology whisperer Tatjana Dzambazova. Second on the show is "Adventure Time" star John DiMaggio.


While you may be used to incredibly forced segues on Girt by CNET, we will do no such thing to connect the two featured interviews on this week's show.

First up, we speak with Tatjana Dzambazova from AutoDesk about a new 3D-modelling technology with some incredible uses, from historical conservationism to protecting tortoises from raven attacks. No, really.

Then, ahead of the "Adventure Time" live special that took place in Australia last weekend, we managed to nab some time with John DiMaggio, who you may know better as Jake the Dog (or Bender the Robot, Marcus Fenix or Aquaman).

Girt by CNET podcast 102

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