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We humans are gassing ourselves

Carbon dioxide emissions rate increase this decade.

U.S. Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center

The 21st century is already setting records. Wall Street stock prices keep rising, and so does the amount of carbon dioxide we're putting into Earth's atmosphere. It's apparently going to get more uncomfortable for those folks clinging to the theory that global warming is a hoax.

Data released Monday by the Carnegie Institution shows we are now producing near three times as much carbon dioxide as we were during the 1990s.

The global carbon emission study was done by the Carnegie scientists using readily available data from public sources. One source was the Department of Energy's obscure but scary Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center. They provided that impressive uphill chart at the top of this blog. The Carnegie study says our carbon dioxide emissions are now increasing at more than 3 percent annually; the last decade we averaged just over 1 percent.