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'We have work to do,' PS4 boss says about releasing more premium exclusive games

"People constantly ask us for the big exclusive AAA games." Executive admits that the PS4 doesn't have enough premium quality games that aren't available on other platforms.

Earlier this year, PlayStation president Andrew House admitted that the PlayStation 4's first-party games lineup for this holiday was "a little sparse." Now another PlayStation executive, Shuhei Yoshida, has spoken out to say that Sony has "work to do" to bring more big-time games exclusively to the platform.


Yoshida's comments came as part of an interview with Eurogamer about the PS4's big success. He said Sony originally had "modest projections" for the system before launch, but sales quickly exceeded Sony's estimates. "And it just kept going," Yoshida said.

By Sony's latest count, the PS4 had shipped more than 25 million systems around the world.

Asked if the PS4 is still exceeding expectations, Yoshida said, "It's still the fastest-selling PlayStation platform ever, still."

In fact, Yoshida said, a high performing platform can benefit third parties more than the internal teams.

"Typically -- it's ironic in a sense -- when a platform's doing really well, studio side kind of struggles," he said. "It probably has some relationship to these two things. When a platform's doing well, third-parties support it more. So from a pure software standpoint, there'll be more competition. When the platform's not doing so well, our games become more prominent, and we get larger market share within the same platform."

Yoshida went on to say that he's happy with the path that the PS4 is on right now, which will see the release of PlayStation VR in 2016. But there is still work to be done, specifically in the area of releasing a bigger volume of exclusive titles on PS4 that meet the premium AAA classification.

"We're happy with how it's going, and we're excited about welcoming PlayStation VR," he said. "From a delivering games standpoint, we have work to do. People constantly ask us for the big exclusive AAA games."

One of Sony's biggest upcoming exclusive titles, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, was supposed to launch this year. But it was pushed back to 2016, in part to give developer Naughty Dog enough time to nail the ending.