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WD TV Live Hub: Western Digital's 1TB answer to Apple and Roku

While it lacks integrated Wi-Fi and is more expensive than the Roku or Apple TV , the WD TV Live Hub's combination of snazzy interface and built-in 1TB hard drive will appeal to advanced users who have a lot of existing files they want to view on an HDTV or stream to other PCs on a network.

The WD TV Live Hub has an integrated 1TB hard drive for $199.99. Western Digital

In the digital-media box market, it seems like Apple and Roku have been getting the most attention lately, but companies like Seagate and Western Digital are trying to differentiate their boxes from the rest by offering tie-ins to their companies' portable hard drives. However, in the case of the WD TV Live Hub ($199.99), Western Digital has taken things a step further and built a networked 1TB hard drive right into the unit itself.

With that embedded hard drive, this box is bigger than the Apple TV and the latest crop of Roku players, but it is still relatively compact, measuring 1.25 inches tall by 7.8 inches wide by 5.9 inches deep. It's also attractively styled, with a glossy black finish and simple, understated looks.

Included in the box are a remote control and a set of composite (red, white, yellow) AV cables. You get outputs for component video, but most people who own an HDTV with HDMI inputs will choose to buy an optional HDMI cable to hook this guy up. An optical audio output is available for those who want to use component video cables and run digital audio out to an AV receiver.

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