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WD My Passport Studio for Mac gets 2TB, too

WD announces the availability of the new My Passport Studio portable drive, which offers 2TB of storage space for Mac users.

The new My Passport Studio offer Macs users 2TB of portable storage space.
The new My Passport Studio offer Macs users 2TB of portable storage space. Western Digital

While Mac users can use the recently reviewed Windows-preformatted 2TB WD My Passport portable drive, they now have another drive to call their own.

Western Digital announced today the new My Passport Studio, which increased the storage space to up to 2TB. Similar to the existing My Passport Studio, the new drive offers USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity in the place of USB 3.0. This is because Macs generally don't support USB 3.0, leaving FireWire 800 the only second fastest peripheral connection to Thunderbolt. In fact the new 2TB model shares the same design as the current 1TB model with the all-metal casing.

WD says the new My Passport Studio portable drive's sleek and scratch-resistant design is to complement the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, while adding another 2TB of storage space to the portable computers, enough space for approximately 400,000 photos, 240 hours of video, or 500,000 songs.

It's believed that 2TB is about the top capacity for 2.5-inch internal drives, those that are housed inside portable drives -- such as the My Passport Studio -- that use the current perpendicular recording technology.

The new 2TB my Passport Studio portable hard drive is preformatted using HFS+ and will work right away when plugged into a Mac. The new drive is available now for $300, about $100 more expensive than its Windows counterpart.