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Wayki alarm clock/toothbrush makes you clean your chompers

Just when you thought it was safe to fall asleep, an inventor comes up with an idea for a combined alarm clock and toothbrush with no snooze button.

A rendering of what Wayki will look like. Wayki

Some folks are naturally neat-freak morning people. They wake up on time, feeling perky, bounce into the bathroom, and scrub their teeth first thing in the morning. Others need a little extra encouragement. That's where the Wayki alarm clock/toothbrush hopes to come in.

David Hawkins was having trouble dragging himself out of bed in the mornings. He decided he needed a two-part push. Half of the Wayki sits next to the bed, behaving like a regular alarm clock. When it goes off, the only way to silence it is to get up, take it into the bathroom, plug in the toothbrush portion, and trigger a 2-minute brushing timer. Before you know what hit you, you're up and scrubbing your teeth.

The Wayki is still in development, and Hawkins is gathering crowdsourced funding to make the push into production. So far, he has a proof-of-concept model for how the brush head inserts into the alarm and has an engineering team working out the rest of the details. He's trying to raise nearly $80,000 by offering early bird pledge prices of about $75 for a Wayki.

Alarm clocks have evolved in recent years to make it much more difficult to ignore them in the mornings. The Ramos clock makes you go into another room to turn it off. The Sleep If U Can Android alarm app makes you get up and take photos to shut it up. The snooze button-free Wayki fits right in with this trend.

If the Wayki becomes reality, I expect it will appeal to morning slackers who are lax about hitting snooze and need a little extra encouragement to fit oral hygiene into their schedules. All you perky morning people can just keep on living life like you normally do with your regular alarm clocks and gleaming smiles.