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Way to go: Google Maps leak promises 'tailored' results

Watch for a major Maps overhaul as one of the many reveals at Wednesday's Google I/O extravaganza.

Google I/O 13
A jumbo Google Maps location pin stands tall outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco ahead of Google I/O 13. James Martin/CNET

Google is giving Maps a major overhaul, promising a "tailored map for every search," according to a sign-up page that inadvertently went live ahead of its official launch at Google's developer conference, I/O.

Spotted by Droid Life, the pages give a taste of the new features the Big G is adding to its cartographic service. "The new Google Maps draws you a tailored map for every search and click you make," the page promises. "So whatever you're trying to find or wherever you're trying to go, you'll always have a map highlighting the things that matter most."

In practice that will mean Maps makes better use of the information you give it, such as where you live and rating restaurants and attractions. It'll then recommend stuff it thinks you'll like and show you the way home, too.

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