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Waves iGTR doesn't discriminate

Pro audio manufacturer Waves, has announced their iGTR standalone guitar amp emulator.

Musicians playing around Waves iGTR.
Since when did Billy Baldwin, David Spade, and Seth Rogan form a band? Waves

If you've been looking for the perfect way to show your iPod just how bad of a guitar player you really are, the Waves iGTR might be just the thing.

Photo of Waves iGTR.

The concept is pretty simple. For about $100, the iGTR gives you a way to plug in your headphones, iPod, and guitar into one portable box that lets you shred alongside your favorite songs. Of course, you can use the iGTR without an iPod, and simply jam quietly to yourself using the built-in effects and amplifier modeling technology. In fact, if you're going to use an MP3 player with the iGTR, you'll probably want one with variable playback speed, such as the Cowon iAudio 7, so you can learn your guitar solos in slow motion. The real question is, "Will it work with my V-Accordion?"

The Waves iGTR is available now for executives, slackers, and dudes who hate sleeves.