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Wavedrum Mini turns anything into an instrument

Korg's Wavedrum Mini has sensors that can clip onto an endless number of objects and turn them into an electronic drum ready for tapping.

The Wavedrum Mini Korg

If you're the nervous type with percussive fingers or like to play "air drums" on your lap, Korg's Wavedrum Mini might rock your world.

The update to the classic Wavedrum has a drum pad that can be strapped to the player's thigh, as well as a sensor that clips onto almost anything, turning a bottle of water, for instance, into a melodious shaker.

As seen in the video below, the synthesizer pad produces a different sound depending on where and how hard it's hit.

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The pad has 100 sounds, 100 rhythms, and 10 effects, such as chorus and reverb, and can record overdubbed loop tracks of up to 25 seconds.

The clip sensor can attach to a tabletop, turning it into an instant drum kit for drum dabblers or percussionists on the go. If the sensors were wireless and the pad could receive multiple inputs, you could stick them all over the room and just thrash about.

The Wavedrum Mini goes on sale in July in Japan; the price hasn't been announced yet.