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Waterproof your mobile with P2i nanotechnology

P2i show off their waterproofing nanotechnology at Mobile World Congress.

P2i show off their waterproofing nanotechnology at Mobile World Congress

Traditional waterproofing involves designing products with physical seals and barriers to prevent water ingress. This often means devices such as phones, tablets and cameras are bulkier to help house the additional seals. P2i's technology involves placing devices in a specialised chamber where a polymer nano-coating is applied. The polymer creates a hydrophobic barrier which prevents water from clinging to and therefore entering your device.

The obvious advantage of waterproofing your devices in this way is that you can still get the best designed phone without sacrificing on aesthetics. On the other hand, it's not going to offer any protection against drops so it still doesn't completely eliminate the need for a case.

What would be interesting to see is how P2i's technology compares to the traditional waterproofing rating system. Will P2i's nano-coat technology mark the revival of the impromptu dunk at the pool party? This writer hopes so.

Phones featuring the coating will start rolling out later this year.