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Waterproof case for the iPhone 4: The RainBallet

Joy Factory, the maker of the iPhone 4 RainBallet waterproof case, suggests it will inspire you to dance in the rain with your phone. No word on singing.

The $49.95 RainBallet case fits both the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4. Joy Factory

We're not quite sure what the Joy Factory was thinking when it named its waterproof case the RainBallet, but if you get past the silly name, you're looking at a rugged case that can apparently withstand a drop in the toilet or even the pool.

The promo materials for the RainBallet say something about dancing in the rain with your iPhone 4, but we suspect more people will be interested in using it around the pool, beach, or a construction site. The case has something called front and back Sharpvue lenses, which allegedly enable you to take "high-quality" photos through the case. Since we haven't tested the RainBallet yet, we're not sure about underwater photography, but it's not a feature Joy Factory is promoting.

"The rugged case resists rain and water jets and keeps your iPhone dry, even if you drop it in water," Joy Factory says. "And the Intelli-filter design blocks only water--not sound--to preserve sound quality while in the case, so you lose nothing by adding protection."

Check out the cheesy video below: