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Water-resistant G-Go plunges into Bluetooth speaker arena

The ruggedized G-Go is now available at Target stores for $69 in three color choices.

The G-Go is a new splash-resistant Bluetooth speaker that retails for $69. G-Project

A few of us here in the office have been looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that will work in the shower. Alas, G-Project's new $69 G-Go speaker, which just became available in Target stores, is splash-resistant but not waterproof, so it might not quite fit the bill, but it's close.

The speaker comes in three colors and has an integrated handle for carrying it around. There are no built-in rechargeable battery like some portable Bluetooth speakers have, but you can get up to 8 hours of on-the-go use with four AA batteries, according to the company. You can stream music to it from any Bluetooth-enabled device, which includes virtually all smartphones and many tablets, including the iPad and higher-end Android tablets (the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet do not offer Bluetooth).

Additional features including an 3.5mm audio input for non-Bluetooth audio devices (cable not included) and a USB port for charging any USB-compatible device such as an iPhone or Android smartphone. We always appreciate that feature.

Like other Bluetooth 2.0 speakers, this one has a range of about 30 feet.

While the G-Go isn't being marketed as a shower speaker, G-Project says that it is "designed to be used in kitchen, bathroom, beach, pool, patio, and other environments with potential exposure to water." To reiterate, submerging the product in water is a no-no, though a spokesperson did tell us that if it was "in the shower with you (off to the side) and it got wet, it would be fine."

We'll give it a shot and let you know how it holds up -- and sounds -- when we get a review sample.

A side shot of the G-Go, which comes in black, blue, and white (click to enlarge). G-Project