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David Attenborough narrating Pokemon Go is as delightful as it sounds

Attenborough. Pokemon. It's the show we've all been waiting for.

"Hunting animals need hunting grounds, and that inevitably brings them into conflict with humanity," rings the familiar and soothing voice of BBC natural history presenter David Attenborough.

But it is not the activities of a lion or a polar bear or a tropical bird with an amusing mating dance that Attenborough's dulcet tones are describing in this particular video. Instead, it's a Spearow, which as any self-respecting Pokemon Go player knows, is one of the most common bird-type monsters from the hugely popular game.

In the video, recently put together by Lovin Dublin, narration from Attenborough shows has been overlaid onto footage of the game, which is currently taking the world by storm. The video isn't long, but it is very sweet and worth checking out if you're a fan. (If it's not showing below, click here.)