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Watching layoffs in real time, on Twitter

A sad day for Yahoo, and the Web in general, is revealed on the microblogging site.

If you want to watch a community event reveal itself in real time, there's really nothing like Twitter. As the Yahoo layoffs finally took hold this morning, newly former employees headed to Twitter to say farewell to the company; those staying reported what it was like for the rest.

Selected Twitters:

kellystevens1: Not that it's any consolation but at least #yahoo employees were warned about the layoffs. I think it's worse when it is a complete shock...

hitsman: Just got the official work that I'm safe at #yahoo. I'm through to the next round. To those affected directly, keep your heads up.

soldierant: For the time being the #yahoo #columbus office is still open for business. Thanks for those who tweeted support!

pollyr: #yahoo much crying and gasping (as people find out the next person is gone) and many hugs and "good lucks"s

pollyr: #yahoo my manager got laid off and so did i, just now - and at least two others on my team

cheapsuits: it didn't have to be this way Jerry!!! #yahoo

ryantxr: as of now, I am independently employed. my stay at #yahoo is over. I really enjoyed it. The future holds other opportunities for me now.

zahnster: @BenWard - sorry about the layoff, but I am sure someone with your talent can find a better gig in no time. It's Yahoo's loss, not yours.

djksar: friends getting laid-off from Yahoo! today..sad...let me know if you are hiring and I'll send them your way. developers, marketers, etc..

You can follow the updates live on Twitter search, although it appears that most Yahoo employees now know if they've been laid off or are staying, and the conversation is slowly moving on to other topics.