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Watch TV on your iPhone with TubeStick

TubeStick is a TV receiver from Equinux that supports watching and playing back TV recordings on the iPhone and iPod Touch.


If you're like my colleague Eric Franklin, who'd rather watch Speed Racer on his iPhone than on a big screen, you're in for some good news.

Equinux, the company that provides the TV-watching solution The Tube for Mac, announced Wednesday its all new hardware TV tuner called TubeStick. The device, when coupled with free iPhone apps Live TV and TubeTogo, allows you to watch TV right on the screens of your iPhones and iPod Touches.

With Live TV, you can stream live television programs directly via Wi-Fi to your iPhone from your Mac that runs The Tube. TubeToGo, on the other hand, allows you to access and program TV recordings on the iPhone via the Internet while on the go.

The TubeStick hybrid brings the joys of your TV to your tiniest of screens. Equinux

TubeToGo also offers the possibility to share published recordings with friends. TubeToGo uses MobileMe or any other FTP server for online storage.

Both Live TV and TubeToGo applications are now available for free download at the iTunes App Store and are compatible with Equinux's TV receiver TubeStick.

TubeStick also works with Windows-based Media Center, with limited functionality.

The new TubeStick TV hardware receiver comes in two versions: the TubeStick hybrid that supports both digital and analog television is available right now in the U.S for $99.95. The TubeStick for DTT/DV-T is only available in Europe and costs 49.95 euros (about $65).

TubeStick comes with everything you need, including the TV receiver, the matching white miniantenna, an adapter for external antenna and a USB extension cable, and The Tube software for your Mac, which costs $39.95 if you buy it separately.