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Watch trailer for Battlefield 4's next free DLC map

The Operation Outbreak map was designed through a collaborative effort between DICE and the community.

Nearly two years after the release of Battlefield 4, developer DICE is not done supporting the military shooter with new DLC just yet. The studio has announced that the game's next DLC pack, Community Operations, will launch as a free download later this fall across all platforms.

As you could have guessed from its name, Community Operations is the DLC pack that was designed with input from players. This initiative was announced earlier this year, and the final product looks so good you might have thought it was something DICE had planned all along.

Community Operations includes a new map called Operation Outbreak, which is set in a jungle, featuring a medical research facility, an ancient temple and a waterfall. This is an infantry-focused map, but it does support some vehicles. DICE notes that using the smaller, more agile vehicles, such as the RHIB on the river and the quad bikes on land, will be "critical for success."

DICE said it will share more details about Community Operations and the Operation Outbreak map itself in the coming weeks. A release date for the expansion was not announced, but DICE stressed that this is separate from Battlefield 4's Fall Update that's also due to arrive in the coming weeks.

Battlefield 4's most release DLC was the Night Operations expansion, released in September.

What do you think of the community-designed map? Let us know in the comments below.