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Watch this prankster sever selfie sticks in NYC

A vigilante expresses his disdain of selfie sticks in an obnoxious but effective way.

Selfie sticks. Love them or hate them, you might agree that destroying someone's property in front of their eyes is going too far. And if you don't, a recent viral video could make you change your mind.

In the video, an unnamed perpetrator sneaks around the streets of Manhattan with an industrial pair of clippers. He seeks out people using selfie sticks, and in one fell swoop, cuts the stick in half and runs away. The victims watch in shock as their destroyed stick and phone crash to the pavement. Some shout angrily, while others chase the ruffian.

The ruffian in question is actually stand-up comedian Buddy Bolton, who uploaded the video to YouTube. "We thought it was good-hearted," Bolton told website DNAinfo. "It wasn't our intention to be really mean." Bolton further said that selfie sticks decrease human interaction, and mentioned that he's now increased that interaction. "Unfortunately a couple of people were upset," Bolton said in the interview.

The largely unscripted video targeted tourists and others "vain enough to be using a selfie stick." Bolton hinted to DNAinfo that he'll hit another city soon. It goes without saying that CNET doesn't condone the destruction of personal property.

If you're anti-selfie stick, you'll be glad to know that the photo-taking accessories are banned in some places like concert venues and Disney​land. If you love them, we found the perfect selfie stick for your blossoming collection -- check out the video below. (P.S. Here are five ways to take better selfies without the stick.)

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